Safe Team Agreements

However, in my experience as an agile consultant, the most productive product development teams have one thing in common: consensus. They all felt locked up, listened to and respected and could clearly establish the link between their individual goal and the vision of the product or project. The Agile team consisted of 11 people, working both locally in Texas and remotely in Mumbai, India. Local members of the Texan team included both MS and PO, as well as two engineers: a tech-lead and a senior developer. They worked from home three days a week, but would be at least two days in our headquarters. The SM and the PO were almost always present at the office. The India team consisted of seven engineers, one of whom was the supervisor and effectively our team leader in India. The other members of the Indian team had various other roles in the development of our solution. The team approached the end of the current sprint and would keep its team in review the next day. Fortunately, the timing worked. I was invited to join the retrospective and meet the entire team Another agreement may be to have a demonstration of the user`s history by the product owner, followed by breakdowns of tasks performed together.

This has the advantage that the product owner is involved when the decryption of tasks is completed and that he or she can solve any questions that appear during the decryption of tasks. The team can plan short breaks after 20 to 30 percent of the capacity is covered. The ability to create “channels” and “threads” on certain topics further enhances cooperation. Some reflections on how team members should brand themselves “busy” ensure that this does not become a distraction from work. With a new sense of camaraderie, I thought it might be a good time to check these observations and get feedback. Once again, silence reigns within the teams. A few minutes later, the Indian supervisor began to speak to represent his team as usual. That`s when I stepped in to take action. I told everyone that to improve as a team, we need to hear directly about every human being.

Everyone on the team made a difference and had a voice that needed to be heard. All opinions and contributions were highly appreciated, whether we agreed or disagreed. We also defined the concept of Vegas Rules to make it clear that all discussions within the team would remain fully included in this concept. After 45 almost silent minutes, the team finally started to open. It all started with the American teams, but soon the indian team members stepped in and participated. We finally heard and understood how it really happened in our team. It was the beginning of something big. We have finally reached the moment of the AHA! SaFe-Tipp: If a team member works alone in a time zone, find out if there are other team members in the same time zone. Look for ways to restructure yourself or perhaps create a community of practice in this time zone to bring more people together. Various projects have observed that there are members who have not even read and understood the story when the team holds the sprint planning meeting.

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