Microsoft Cloud Agreement Uk

The UK government`s Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has reached an agreement with Microsoft on reduced rates for Azure for public sector organisations. 1.3 The purpose of the treatment is to provide the services and the processing is carried out until the time the processor stops providing the services to the customer. Details of the nature and purpose of the processing, the types of personal data and the categories of persons involved are defined in Appendix 1 of this agreement. a. Independent contractors. The parties are independent contractors. The customer and Microsoft can develop products independently without using each other`s confidential information. B. Non-exclusive agreement. The customer is free to enter into agreements on licensing, using and promoting the products and services of others. c.

Changes. Microsoft may change this agreement from time to time. The user fee amendments apply as required in this agreement. Changes to other conditions only apply when the customer accepts them. Microsoft may require the customer to agree to revised or additional terms before processing a new order. All additional or conflicting terms and conditions contained in an order or submitted by the customer are expressly rejected and do not apply. d. attribution. Any party may cede the agreement to an Affiliate, but must inform the other party in writing of the assignment. The Client accepts, without notice, the assignment to an Affiliate or to a third party of the rights that Microsoft holds under this Agreement to be complacent with the Client`s payment obligations, and all members of the assignee may continue to cede these rights without further authorization. Any other proposed assignment of this agreement must be approved in writing by the non-signed party.

The assignment does not absone the resigning party from its obligations arising from the contract sold. Any attempt to assign without the required authorization is invalid. e. U.S. exports. The products are subject to the U.S. export court. The customer must comply with all applicable international and national laws, including the U.S. Export Administration Regulations, the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and the end-use, end-use and targets imposed by U.S.

governments and others with respect to Microsoft products, services and technologies.

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