La Brokerage Agreement

(3) “brokerage contract,” an intermediation agreement made available to a person for remuneration or the right to compensation by another person. A customer is not responsible for the actions or omissions of a licensee in the provision of intermediation services for or on behalf of the client. (6) (a) “confidential information,” the information a taker receives from a client during the term of a brokerage contract that has been treated confidentially by a written request or written instruction from the client or whose disclosure could seriously affect the client`s position, unless one of the following results occurs at any time: C. The written consent required to subsection A of this section is obtained by the client at the time of the conclusion of the brokerage contract or at any time before the taker acts as a double agent. (1) Fulfill the terms of the brokerage contract between a broker and the client. a. Licensees treat all clients honestly and fairly and, when they represent a client in a real estate transaction, they can provide funds to a client by conducting departmental records. The performance of these ministerial acts should not be interpreted in a manner contrary to the brokerage agreement with the client and the execution of these ministerial acts for the client should not be construed as constituting a brokerage contract with the client. 3572.11. Credit brokerage statement; Disclosure Statement Required (e) Answer questions from people who go to a licensee`s office regarding brokerage services offered or certain real estate. (3) Exercise due diligence and diligence in the performance of intermediation services. (a) Search for a transaction at the price and terms specified in the brokerage agreement, or at a price and conditions acceptable to the customer.

(8) “designated agency,” the agency relationship presumed to exist when a licensee participating in a real estate transaction, unless otherwise stated in this chapter, cooperates with a client, unless there is a written agreement providing for a different relationship. With the exception of a written agreement between the broker and the client, neither a broker nor a licensee related to the broker owes other obligations to the client after the termination, expiry or completion of the brokerage contract, except for all funds and real estate related to the transaction and any confidential information obtained during the brokerage contract to remain confidential. Notwithstanding the provisions of Sections 2985 to 3032 of the Civil Code or other legislative provisions, a licensee involved in a real estate transaction is considered to represent the person with whom he or she works as a designated agent, unless there is a written agreement between the broker and the person if there is a different relationship or if the licensee only performs ministerial acts on behalf of the person. a) Respond to people`s telephone requests regarding the availability and pricing of intermediation services. An organization can only be created by a written agreement. A licensee will not be considered a sub-agent of a client or other broker solely because of the broker`s affiliation or other affiliation with a multiple listing service or similar source of information. (2) The original paragraph of the “Credit Brokerage And Disclosure Agreement” is authorized in ten letters in large bold and facial letters “DISCLOSURE REQUIRED BY LOUISIANA LAW.” Under this title, the statement will appear in at least ten police points that “the State of Louisiana has approved or refuses any credit brokerage contract. The information contained in this disclosure has not been verified by the state. If you have any questions, look at a lawyer before signing a contract. A.1.

Any application for a consumer mortgage or a federal mortgage involving a credit broker is accompanied by a “credit brokerage and disclosure contract” signed by all contracting parties.

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