Eu Singapore Partnership And Cooperation Agreement Text

4. Considers that the CPA, the framework agreement, is closely linked politically to the free trade agreement and the PPI; recalls that Article 44 of the APC allows for the non-performance of agreements in the event of a systematic and serious violation of essential elements, including democratic principles, the rule of law and human rights; The agreement provides for the possibility of suspending the application of the CPA or a particular agreement, in accordance with Article 9, paragraph 2, and Article 43, paragraph 3, of the agreement, where essential elements of the agreement, namely the human rights clause and the non-proliferation clause, are violated. This agreement will enable EU exporters and investors to access a fast-growing market of 90 million people and consolidate their presence in one of the world`s most dynamic regions. 1. For each area of dialogue and cooperation under this agreement, both sides will focus on issues of bilateral cooperation, under the levy, and agree on the implementation of related activities at the bilateral or regional level or through a combination of the two frameworks. In choosing the appropriate framework, the parties will endeavour to maximise and strengthen the impact on the participation of EU and ASEAN partners, making the best use of available resources, taking into account political and institutional feasibility and ensuring consistency with other activities involving EU and ASEAN partners. (e) promote the full and timely implementation of international health agreements, such as the International Health Regulation and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The parties reiterate the agreement under Article 1, paragraph 5, and reaffirm that cooperation in all relevant transport areas will be subject to their respective national laws, regulations and regulations. 2. To this end, the parties are implementing their mutual cooperation on trade and investment, including through the free trade agreement.

The aforementioned agreement is a specific agreement that enforces the trade provisions of the agreement and is an integral part of the overall bilateral relations and the common institutional framework under Article 43, paragraph 3. The text of the agreement, the joint declarations and the subsidiary letter is attached to this decision. 2. Subject to the means available, cooperation can be provided by: (e) the implementation of safety, safety and pollution prevention standards, particularly in the maritime and air transport sector, in accordance with relevant international conventions, including cooperation in relevant international for a, to ensure better enforcement of international rules.

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